Hate Speech Bill is Dead on Arrival says Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the President of Living Faith Tabernacle popularly known as Winners, has made a direct statement at the government of Nigeria over the proposed hate speech bill during his sermon in the opening day of the annual church program – Shiloh.

He said the bill is dead on arrival, and that it is not a crime to state the obvious. And that the government is just being petty with such intentions.

Oyedepo says, ‘they are not hanging looters but people who says hate speech’.

The revered Man of God, who is obviously angry at the bill, says he can’t be cajoled like everyone else, he says, ‘You cannot silence a prophet’.

Bishop David Oyedepo says no one loves Nigeria like he does but he won’t be afraid to speak the truth when and where necessary.

The annual church program, Shiloh is in its 21st year and a lot of prophetic declarations was made for the people of God.